Most personal emergency response solutions require you to push the button. When it comes to being confident and maintaining independence, personal alert systems are just the beginning.

Numera Libris is the first all-in-one mobile wellness and personal safety solution. Libris is fully mobile, with automatic fall detection, built-in GPS, and 2-way voice capability. Libris is proactive and summons help even when you can’t.

  • Mobile on the largest cellular network – Works both inside and outside the home

  • Leading-edge fall detection – Detects falls with the utmost accuracy and minimized false alarm

  • Auto-emergency aware everywhere – Designed to alert your monitoring center that you’ve fallen even if you can’t, including when you are out and about

  • Unobtrusive – Wear discretely on a belt, or around your neck on a lanyard

  • Social wellness – Device and activity data is uploaded to cloud services, easily accessible from any smart device.

  • More than an alert – Access to activity information is available, such as location data to help find you if you cannot respond with your location.